Product Functions
Medical Principles
Daily Use
How long can the battery last?
Shecare uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. We use the replaceable CR2032 battery that can last 6 months.
What kinds of phones does Shecare support?
Shecare supports iOS equipments of iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/6Plus, with iOS7 and above.
Notes: This list might be updated later.
What if I always forget to use it when I get up in the morning?
This product has an alarm clock for morning call. Besides, it’s okay if you forget to take the temperature for a few days during the menstrual period or later luteal phase, but you’d better limit that within 5 days.
How to turn off the alarm clock on the thermometer?
When the thermometer is in a power-off state, press the on/off button for more than 3 seconds until the alarm signal flickers, and then use the up/down button to turn off the alarm clock.
What’s the function of firmware update?
It’s for updating the firmware. If the download icon of the firmware update on Shecare APP turns from gray to blue, it means that the firmware can be downloaded and updated.
Will the thermometer shut down automatically?
If no operation is undertaken after power-up, the thermometer will shut down automatically in about 1 minute to save power.
Is Shecare convenient to use?
It’s very convenient. You just need to take your basal body temperature every morning when you wake up. And all the other works, including data recording, chart drawing and data analyzing, will be done by the mobile APP. The APP will remind you which period you are in and the chances of pregnancy.
If I often go on business trips, can I use Shecare?
Yes, as long as you work and rest with good regularity, and avoid the factors that will influence your basal body temperature. Besides, we also provide a frosted portable plastic cover for the thermometer. You can put the thermometer in your handbag. It hardly occupies any space and is very convenient.
Can I take Shecare on a plane?
Yes. Shecare is a smart thermometer based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It can be taken on a plane, but should be kept in a power-off state during flight.
Does Shecare App charge for anything?
We promise you that Shecare App will be permanently free.