( This lady shared with us her experience of pregnancy as well as her beautiful pictures. So sweet! )
When I first got married, I knew little about pregnancy. After the wedding ceremony, I was fully bent on having a baby. I always thought this was quite miraculous. My mother-in-law would also inquire about when she could become a grandmother. One of my old classmates had lived with her fiancé ever since they got engaged last year, and it was their custom to get pregnant after the engagement, but she hadn’t conceived any baby even when they got married this year. Having seen what had happened to them, I was a little afraid of experiencing the same thing. Though I told my mother-in-law that we would let nature take its course, I had begun to read books about fertilization.
I knew the terms of safe period and fertile period, but I didn’t know how to calculate those things. Plus, it was troublesome. We googled and searched, and found that we should choose either ovulation test-kit or thermometer. The test-kit was not expensive, but it needed me to take down the results each day and calculate by myself. I was too lazy for this. And then I saw Shecare thermometer for pregnancy. I purchased it to have a try. I was thinking that even if it didn’t work, it could at least be used as a thermometer.
I placed an order on December 16, and it arrived the next noon. The thermometer was easy and convenient. Bad as I was with smart-phones, I didn’t spend much time before I successfully downloaded the APP. When I woke up every morning, the first thing I would do was to put Shecare in my mouth. When the two beeps went off, I would take it out. I just need to take my temperatures, since the App would draw the chart and tell me the ovulation period and the optimal intercourse period. I only need to follow it and plan sex. On January 5, my doctor prescribed me some dysmenorrhea drugs to take during my period at the month-end. Only 26 days later, on January 31, I got a positive pregnancy test in the hospital. I didn’t even need to take those dysmenorrhea drugs. The doctor was very surprised. I suddenly had the feeling that what happened was without extra effort. My friend was quite amazed at my getting pregnant so fast.
After I got pregnant, I kept using Shecare to see whether my BBT had dropped. The instructions said that if it dropped, there might be a potential miscarriage, so I kept that habit. And now my baby is ten weeks old. I wish to pass this good luck to all of you. I’m very proud of being a Shecare fan.
( We at Shecare hope that all our fans will get their wish. Come on, we are looking forward to every good news. )